S2 is Complete!

S2 has come to a close for summer 2022. Welcome August!

We wanted to share the S2 Bubbler- our newsletter which shares the news of this  two week session. Again for this edition most of the stories were submitted by Betsey Cox Older Campers. And the photos were submitted by a variety of people.

We hope you enjoy these glimpses into camp! We are so pleased to share them with you!

BC S2 Bubbler

March Bubbler!

Hello Friends and Families! It has been a while since our last BC Bubbler!  We are excited to share this edition with you on this last day […]

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A Betsey Cox New Year Message!

Hello friends and family! We hope you had wonderful holidays celebrated with warmth and light. For many seasons, Camp has recognized the Solstice with a winter gathering […]

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November 2022 BC Bubbler!

Hello Everyone! We are pleased to share this November Bubbler with you. November always marks the beginning of the season of gratitude in our minds, and we […]

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