Co-directors Lorrie and Devri Byrom, are Jean S. Davies’ niece and grand niece. Lorrie became director when Jean retired and has been camp’s director for 35 seasons.  Lorrie grew up at camp, and offers a wealth of experience and skills to our community.  Her dedication and love of learning allows camp to be rich with imagination each year. Lorrie’s daughter, Devri, also grew up at camp, and brings many talents with her as co-director.  We compliment each other. We are outdoors people, travelers, and experienced educators.  Lorrie and Devri, along with many of the senior staff at Betsey Cox, hold Masters degrees in Education, Science and Environmental Education. We enjoy all manner of outdoor activities: hiking, sailing, kayaking, cross-county and alpine skiing, snowshoeing, and playing outdoors in all seasons.

Lorrie Byrom

Lorrie Byrom is co-director and owner of Betsey Cox. Her career in camping includes a focus on the development of girls who will make a positive difference in their own lives and in the communities in which they find themselves. Her winter activities include doing the same herself, particularly through organizations working on climate change and global sustainability. She travels as frequently as possible in order to infuse the camp program with real-world insights. Her off-season life includes time in the great outdoors as well.

Devri Byrom

Devri Byrom co-directs Betsey Cox. She is a camp alumna, starting her camp career before most, as Lorrie's daughter. Devri worked at camp through college and then went exploring; working in non-traditional educational settings-many of them on the ocean. She holds a Masters of Science in environmental education from Antioch New England Graduate School. She continues to work in education in a variety of venues throughout the year in the Western Mountains of Maine where she spends the winter months.