Mission & Statement of Commitment


Camp Betsey Cox develops strong, capable, imaginative people who will make a positive difference in the world with self-confidence, independent decision-making capabilities, and with a passion for the outdoors.


Statement of Commitment and Action:

In the interests of our camp taking clear steps towards change, in 2020, a group of long-time camp community members, Nina Alvarado Silverman, Christie Belanger, Devri and Lorrie Byrom and Isabel Darby worked to develop a camp statement to encompass our support of diversity, equity, inclusion, and action.

Camp Betsey Cox has always fostered a special kind of community.  Our community is committed to nurturing and growing strong, smart, independent young people who will go on to make a positive difference in the world.  We hold that equality, justice and respect are imperatives.  Camp Betsey Cox community members are willing to engage in challenging conversations about things that matter, always with civility, compassion and respect.  

All moments of injustice demand action and our institutional and personal responses reflect the integrity of our community.  We believe that Black Lives Matter.  We stand with Black members of the camp community and their families.  We condemn police brutality and white supremacy which continue to negatively impact us all and our country to this day.

We believe in facts, in science, in democracy, civil discourse, and in the importance of playing a positive role in the world.  

We pledge to do our part in making a better world for all. 

Every summer and throughout the year, each of us, with the support of the many others, find strength together and faith to work towards change.  We promise to watch for every opportunity to turn faith into action.