The Story of Betsey Cox

Betsey Cox’s family was one of the original white families that settled in Abnaki Indian territory before the Revolutionary War.  As the Abnakis felt the loss of their lands to the settlers, tensions grew between the two cultures.  The stories relate that while riding to a neighbor’s farm one afternoon, Betsey, and her sister Sarah June were ambushed by some Abnakis.  The two escaped, being good riders and fast runners.

The founder of our camp, Jean Smith Davies, an active community member, naturalist, and local historian studied the Cox family further and came to admire Betsey’s independence, creativity, energy, courage, and strength.  When she  named our camp, Camp Betsey Cox, it was in acknowledgement of these qualities.

Today, the camp’s mission statement reflects our continued commitment to the same qualities Jean Davies admired in Betsey Cox.