Dates & Rates

Camp Betsey Cox 2021
Dates & Rates

Two weeks Session 2 July 18 to July 31 $2852
Session 3A August 1 to August 15*
Three weeks Session 1 June 27 to July 17 $4074
Session 3 August 1 to August 21
Four weeks Sessions 2 & 3A July 18 to August 15* $5432
Five Weeks June 27 to July 31 or July 18 to August 21 $6790
Eight Weeks June 27 to August 21 Contact us for pricing

The Betsey Cox camper program begins  for girls ages 8 or 9, completing grade 3, and goes through age 14 or 15, completing 9th grade. After the camper program, we offer a  leadership program for girls who are in 9th, 10th and 11th grade and have been Betsey Cox campers previously.

Campers may sign up for any session, or combination of sessions! 

Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven or Eight weeks!

All sessions (except 3A*), begin on a Sunday and end on a Saturday.

*S3A begins Sunday and ends Sunday

We encourage all returning campers to sign up for three weeks or more.

Early Enrollment: 3% off for sign-ups by December 31

BC’s non-refundable early enrollment deposit is $500 due with our enrollment application. Half of the tuition balance is due by March 1 and the remaining balance by June 1. PLEASE MARK YOUR CALENDARS.

Regular Enrollment

The regular non-refundable deposit is $350 due with our enrollment application. Full payment is due June 1 unless another arrangement has been made.

Sibling Discounts

Sibling discounts of 3% are offered to families sending brothers or sisters or combinations to the camps. Take 3% off EACH child’s tuition. Separate checks should be written to Camp Sangamon and Camp Betsey Cox.

Bring-a-friend Reward

Bring a new family to Camp Betsey Cox or Camp Sangamon. Earn $150 for each new family you bring to Betsey Cox. And/or, earn a $100 “thank you” if you refer a family with boys to Camp Sangamon. Available to returning campers only. Please be in touch by phone or email to claim this award.

Special Offers for 2021

“5 for 5”-5% discount for Sisters for 5 weeks: Sign up for 5 weeks with your sister and  receive a 5% discount off each girl’s tuition. This special offer replaces the usual 3% sibling discount.

Tuition options including discounts and payment plans may be available from Camp Betsey Cox to families on a case by case basis.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us personally to learn about these opportunities.

Refunds and Cancellations

Summer 2021: We remain optimistic that we will open camp, and welcome a healthy, happy community for summer 2021.  We are also aware that these are still quite unusual times in our world.

For Summer 2021, should camp close all deposits and tuition payments for 2021 will be refunded in full.  Families will still have the option to roll deposits forward to summer 2022, or to make a donation to camp if they wish.  We are always willing to discuss your family’s tuition situation individually.  Please be sure to reach out as needed, anytime.