S1 complete for Summer 2022!

Slideshow and Bubbler links!



Hi Friends and Family!

S1 has come to a close for summer 2022. It is amazing that it is already July 20, and part way through the first week of S2. It has been a hot week! Very sunny and the Pond is busy!

We wanted to share the news that the S1 Slideshow is posted to our youtube channel! Very exciting. At the end of each Session the slideshow will be available and we will send out the link.

We also wanted to share the S1 Bubbler- our newsletter. This edition most of the stories and the illustration were submitted by Betsey Cox Older Campers!

We hope you enjoy these glimpses into camp! We are so pleased to share them with you!

 2022 S1 Slideshow

2022 S1 Bubbler


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