Packing List

Note: Laundry is sent out once a week as a cabin. Please remember to label your belongings.
Trunks or storage totes are recommended for clothing storage. We have hooks, and shelves for small
items in each bunk space, but no drawers to unpack into. Please bring clothes that you don’t mind getting
dirty as you play at camp! Required Items: sleeping bag, pillow, 2 blankets, daypack, 2 water bottles,
flashlight (headlamp), raincoat & waterproof rubber boots to make rainy days more fun!
● 10 pairs underwear (good to have plenty!)
● 8 t-shirts
● 3 pairs shorts
● 2 pairs long pants or jeans
● 8 pairs socks (at least 2 pairs good for hiking in)
● 1 long-sleeved shirt
● 2 sweatshirt or fleece sweaters (one light and one heavy)
● 2 swim suits
● 1 long sleeve sunshirt/rashguard
● 2 sets sleeping apparel
● sleeping bag (rated to 40 or 30 degrees is best)
● two blankets; one for under the sleeping bag and one on top*
● pillow w/2 pillow cases
● laundry bag
● 2 shoes: one that ties with closed-toes– another sandals, etc., as you prefer
● Boots for Riding –boots with distinct heel and a hard toe is the best. Hiking boots-ok
● rain coat with hood, or rain coat and rain hat
● rubber boots- to keep feet dry on soggy days
● baseball hat or sun hat for the sun on hot days!
● 1 day pack- for trips out of camp
● 2 One liter size water bottles
● Flashlight or headlamp ( headlamps are great for reading in your bunk!
Optional for 2022: 2 cloth reusable face masks/coverings ( Just in case)
● Toilet articles:
○ 3 towels- one for the waterfront, 2 for the showerhouse
○ 2 face cloths
○ soap in soap container
○ toothpaste/toothbrush (toothbrush container!)
○ comb or hair brush
○ Deodorant
○ fingernail clippers
○ sunscreen of your choice- we have this in Hugs and Health as well
○ bug repellent of your choice- we have this in Hugs and Health as well
○ a toiletry carrier or bag to hold toiletries to and from the wash house

Other items you want to bring just for you!

*Some girls who like a soft bed bring “egg crates”- foam padding. We encourage you to
bring a sleeping pad like a Thermarest instead. They last longer and are more versatile!

Nice to have: swim goggles, camera (no cell phone to use remember!) tennis racket, musical instruments,
books, stationary, windbreaker, headlamp- for reading in your bunk, shower caddy to carry toiletries to
shower house(can be the same as toiletry bag), bug net recommended, if you are bothered by bugs at
night! (see parent information for more details on where to buy a net if you would like) flat sheet to sleep
under on warm nights.

Definitely NOT! Cell phones; or any internet connection device, other items that you care about which can get broken or lost at camp.