Happy Halloween! October BC Bubbler

Happy Halloween!

We hope  you enjoy this edition of the BC Bubbler– the Betsey Cox newsletter for those new to our community! It is the first of this year’s off season Bubblers. 

October 2023 BC Bubbler

Call out to returning campers, Leaders, Muggies, Staf and Staff: Send us your news, photos or artwork!

The Bubbler improves with your submissions!

It’s BC Bubbler time, Its BC Bubbler time. There is no other time, like BC Bubbler time!

The S3 slideshow is also on our youtube channel: check it out!  S3 Slideshow 2023


Camp Betsey Cox Online Store-live until December 5!

Our local BC merch/swag company, Mitchell Tees and Signs in Pittsford has helped us open an online BC store! Hooray! Camp Betsey Cox Swag 2023 We are […]

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S3 2023 Bubbler

Remember when S3 Sugarbush spelled out BC! for Kathy’s drone?! So cool! Enjoy the S3 Bubbler- session in review! The slideshow will be posted soon! S3 2023 […]

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S2 2023 Bubbler and Slideshow

Here is the S2 2023 BC Bubbler in review! Enjoy the memories! And… the long awaited link to the S2 slideshow! Enjoy! S2 2023 BC Bubbler S2 […]

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