Do you understand how cow manure can light up a light bulb?  Betsey Cox campers do!  Camp Betsey Cox prides itself on being attentive and supportive of the environment.  Over the course of the summer, woven into many activities are projects and skills relating to the protection of our own site as well as our planet.  Campers lend a hand composting our food waste.  They participate in growing the food served in our dining hall.  They are part of a Sustainable Sunday activity were the whole camp limits our fossil fuel use for a day.  In every way, we are self conscious about sustainability.  Last summer, we hosted a small methane digester which eventually produced enough power for girls to roast a few marshmallows.  And yes…camp buys a high percentage of Vermont Cow Power for our electricity.  Field trips to local sustainable energy projects are part of our commitment to this issue.  Girls who frequently choose to be part of these program elements can earn the status of EcoLeader.