A Betsey Cox New Year Message!

Hello friends and family!

We hope you had wonderful holidays celebrated with warmth and light. For many seasons, Camp has recognized the Solstice with a winter gathering where we burned the winter bonfire at the bottom of the archery field and feasted to welcome yule and the return of the light.   After Covid, changed how we gather together, the Solstice celebration became a bit smaller and stayed outside only. This year, the Solstice fire was burned as a campfire outside the Farmhouse, as the fire Steve prepared was covered with fresh, deep Vermont snow. The feast was outside too, around the fire, but no less celebratory. Hooray! We often send along a Solstice note to all of you who are farther afield on that day. This year that note to all of you comes today! We are grateful to all of you in our community! Thanks and Happy New Year!

A Betsey Cox New Year Message

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