Happy Solstice!

Happy Holidays Everyone!

We hope you have wonderful gatherings large and small wherever you are!

We will keep each of you in our minds as the days begin to grow longer

and we each continue our winter adventures!

Enjoy this Solstice Bubbler with bits of news and pictures from our camp community!

Solstice Bubbler

May 2022 Bubbler!

Here we are- on the last weekend of May! Everyday new things are being made ready on our hilltop! This very weekend the camp garden will begin […]

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April BC Bubbler!

Please enjoy this April- Mud season, Earth Day edition of the Bubbler! April 2022 Bubbler

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February/March Bubbler!

It’s BC Bubbler Time, It’s BC Bubbler Time, there is no other time like BC Bubbler time! Hi everyone! Lorrie and I are pleased to share this […]

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