Happy Earth Day!

We are so glad to celebrate Earth Day today, and to recognize the care and work Betsey Cox women do for our planet.

We hope you all do something to care for our Earth today!

News that is so good to hear!

There’s good news today!  Hooray! And many BC girls may be part of it!  Today, as she has done for weeks now,  sixteen-year old Greta Thunberg will […]

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A Tribute to Mary Oliver

It’s the first Monday of the first session at Camp Betsey Cox.  A sumptuous breakfast has been enjoyed by all.  Monday morning trivia has been asked and […]

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Happy December 21-The Winter Solstice!

Happy Solstice! We are thinking of all of you on this darkest day of the year! Each December, some of us gather in the BC archery field […]

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