Post from our very own, Shazi Lyle!

Hello! We asked Shazi Lyle, one of our BC Bubbler  editors extraordinaire to write a blog post for us! Shazi will be returning to Betsey Cox to run the Drama program this summer. Awesome! Here is her post! Enjoy! Thanks Shazi.

April is National Poetry Month, and nothing inspires me to wax poetic quite like the beauty of nature! For so many years, I was blessed enough to see how gorgeous Vermont is in the summer, and then to witness the transition to fall in close-by Massachusetts. Ask anyone who’s experienced it–New England in autumn has no comparison. The vibrancy of colors set against the slow decay of nature? Wow! There is truly nothing like it. Winter can be devastating and make you feel desolate at times, but the scene of piles of fresh snow is so serene. Maybe you light a fire to get cozy–that should provoke some poetic thought! I, personally, love springtime in Brooklyn (my hometown) most of all, because it brings a new life to the bustling city, which gets so dreary in the winter months. Of course, there’s nothing more exciting than heading back to camp for the summer. I have tried for years to describe the vast beauty of Burr Pond, or the majestic view from Bird Mountain, or to put into words the complete serenity of cloud watching in the Upper Meadow. There’s a loving poetry that hums low all throughout camp–have you found it?

Seems like a good thing to spend a Sunday Seminar on!


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