News Flash! BC Merch Winter ONLINE Sale!

10 days only! December 7-17,2020

Are you missing the annual addition of BC Merch into your closet? We have a solution!

For 10 days only, Betsey Cox has an online store!

BC Online Store

It was created in collaboration with The Graphic Edge- our merch company each summer. Orders can be placed online and shipped directly to you.

10 days only December 7-17, 2020

The delivery time is between 2-4 weeks.

Contact Devri at [email protected] with any questions!

Shout out to Lorrie for the BC 2020 t-shirt idea and lyric, Elaine Griffith, for the artwork on the 2020 t-shirt, sticker and water bottle, and to Sam Herren, for designing the new logos on the 2020 hoodie, and lightweight hoodie and for helping to get the word out!

Please check out this link to see a snapshot of our inventory:

BC Winter Online store Inventory

We have the unique BC 2020 T-shirt! We have hoodies and sweatpants of many colors, heavy and light weight. We have BC gloves! We have BC pompom hats! We have water bottles and stickers!  And yes, we do have 3 colors of BC face coverings! We hope you enjoy browsing and buying!





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