Leadership Cabins

First Year Muggie Leaders live in the Leadership Cabins- Ficklebump and Grotto. Muggie is a nickname for our founder’s word for the Leadership Program. The full name is “Mugwump” and Jean believed it was a bird sitting on a fence with its “mug” on one side of the fence and it’s “wump” on the other side of the fence. In camp terms, part camper-part counselor.

March 2024 BC Bubbler!

Hello Friends and Family! Winter busy-ness caught us up this year, and we realize this is the first Bubbler since December! We hope that you enjoy the […]

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December 30, 2023 BC Bubbler!

Hello Friends and Family! We are pleased to share the December 2023 BC Bubbler with you this evening! We hope that all of you have had a […]

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Camp Betsey Cox Online Store-live until December 5!

Our local BC merch/swag company, Mitchell Tees and Signs in Pittsford has helped us open an online BC store! Hooray! Camp Betsey Cox Swag 2023 We are […]

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