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Camp’s Other Communities-Birds!

  Given that trees are our most visible other community here at camp, it must be said that the residents of the trees, our bird community, must […]

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thumbnail for Post from our very own, Shazi Lyle!

Post from our very own, Shazi Lyle!

Hello! We asked Shazi Lyle, one of our BC Bubbler  editors extraordinaire to write a blog post for us! Shazi will be returning to Betsey Cox to […]

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thumbnail for Camp’s Other Communities-Trees!

Camp’s Other Communities-Trees!

When camp is not in session, and our grounds seem pretty peaceful, it is easy to come in contact with the other communities that make their homes […]

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thumbnail for A Winter Tribute

A Winter Tribute

There’s an old adage about the weather that we New Englanders confirm most times when March comes around.  The saying goes “March comes in like a lion […]

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thumbnail for Meet Elaine Knight Griffith

Meet Elaine Knight Griffith

If you have ever been at camp or had a daughter or a friend at camp, you probably have seen an original painting created under the guidance […]

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thumbnail for “The roots down there are riotous”

“The roots down there are riotous”

The Muslim mystic, Jalal ad-din Muhammed Rumi once described a garden in winter time as follows: “Don’t think the garden loses its ecstasy in winter.  It’s quiet, […]

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