"At camp, I have
discovered my qualities,
and best friends!"

"I can be a strong and
ambitious girl who doesn’t
have to be any one thing."

"The values of camp, such
as love and stewardship for
the environment,
independence and teamwork
have helped me develop
into a well-rounded person."

"At Betsey Cox, there is no
definition of normal,
everyone is their own
unique individual".

Summer 2017
Dates Announced!

Betsey Cox wishes
you a wonderful fall

We are excited to be
gearing up for
summer 2017.
Remember: Early
discounts available
for families who
sign up by
December 31, 2017.

We look forward to
seeing you in Vermont

Visit our brother
Camp Sangamon,
the Camp with the
Pioneer Spirit!
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Camp Betsey Cox
Pittsford, Vermont
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Camp Betsey Cox develops strong, capable, imaginative girls who will make a positive
difference in their world with self-confidence, independent decision-making capabilities,
and a passion for the outdoors.